Ogliastra and Slow Tour

When you look at the island from the sea, its coast is a sculpture of rocky walls, inlets, and coves, with its blue, green and white reflections. In the past, mules used to trudge with loads of coal through gorges dug, created by the physical weathering of water and wind. Now, when you walk through the same stony and dirt path you will be overwhelmed by emotions similar to when you are admiring a work of art.

Niu promotes the new frontier of slow tourism

While exploring its woods, you can have a rest under the shade of an holm, a cork oak or a juniper. You can also drink from the perennial spring waters, drawn from high granite rocks and admire, thanks to the complicity of the sun’s light, the beautiful colours of the rainbow.  In this peaceful places you will have the chance to observe native birds as golden eagles and hawks, small or medium mammals as wild cats, foxes, deers and wild boars.

This is Ogliastra. A place where the passage of the time is slower than any other place; where the Sardinian uniqueness, the love for traditions, the bond between man and nature are still strong, respected, handed down to the next generations. This is the place where slow tourism philosophy fells on fertile ground.

You will come across “The Giants Tombs”, “Domus de Janas” (fairies houses in the Sardinian imaginary), “Menhirs”, “Nuraghi” and majestic caves, adorned with ancient stalactites and stalagmites and will bring you into the depths of the land.

escursioni in Ogliastra

In fact, “Slow” is the inhabitants’ way of life in this area located in the middle east coast of Sardinia, where population still practice the ancient crafts, albeit with new ecological and technological tools.

On the streets, you have the opportunity to meet a “Pintadora” making traditional bread, a shepherd with his flocks walking in the streets, a carpet weaver or a comedian acting in the square on summer evenings. During religious cerimony you will see a Madonna statue adorned with flowers and carried on four people shoulders through the village oldest streets ending up in the rural churches.

You can participate to folkloristic festivals where the masters are bodices worn on white blouses for men, long purple skirts with black edges for women, handmade wooden face masks, animal skin (usually is sheepskins or goatskin) and cowbells. Join music, art and traditions where local dancers will be happy to teach you “Su ballu tundu” or “unu passu torrau” (Sardinian traditional dances) with accordion and launeddas in the background.

And last but not least you will taste our specialty food: handmade ravioli “Culurgiones”, fragrant roasts flavored with myrtle leaves, our “seadas” dessert served with honey, “cocoi de corcoriga”, baked courgettes with fresh tomato, olive oil and onions, our fresh cheese “casu agedu”, Cannonau red wine.

The products you will taste are “zero kilometer” that means they are locally produced, fresher and healthier than the imported ones. 0 KM is associated with Slow Food philosophy, which aims to highlight the fast pace of modern daily life, in which people barely sit down at the table and increasingly turn to fast food. Genuine, authentic aromas and flavors will emotionally connect you to the Sardinia cuisine and will definitely create long- lasting and unforgettable memories.

NIU, which stands for “nest”, was created for those curious people like you, who are looking for a refuge, a nest, far from the chaotic rhythms of the cities and the most popular tourist spots.

NIU Team uses its professionalism, its love for its land, to make your holiday dream come true and your adventure happen.

Realaxing diving in crystalline waters or morning walks in the white sand beaches. Wilderness, natural pools, mountains and sea: this is Sardinia and NIU is the best tour operator for you to discover Sardinian slow life style.

In the meantime, we’ll meet you at the next post to find out what surprises Niu has in store for you.

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